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Life is a better place having and owning Samoyeds.  Take time to learn the lessons these dogs have to share and you too will smile like many of the lives and hearts these dogs touch.


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We owned our first Samoyed in 1998, we had no intentions at the time of entering the show ring but a beautiful Samoyed was our priority and if you get to know us we'll give anything in life a try.  Kareaboo, who you see on our home page, was our first Samoyed who brought us into the confirmation show rings and was a joy to show finishing his championship quickly.  Since entering the first show we have traveled & competed across the United States, including Westminster & the AKC Royal Canine Nationals, and Internationally putting several championship titles on our dogs as well as produced champions.  We and our extended samoyed family participate in many achiever dog activities earning titles, therapy work, confirmation and are our family companions. Been a Samoyed Club President, judge at Samoyed Club of America National Specialty, and are current members of the Samoyed Club of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and the Samoyed Club of America. 

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